Electric Vehicle Charging For residential apartment blocks

EV Charging Points For Communal Buildings
Affordable electric vehicle charging solutions for residential apartment blocks

Electric Vehicle Charging For Residential Apartment Blocks

There are many types of electric vehicle charge points to choose from.

Low Carbon Energy we work closely with you to ensure we install the most suitable charge points for your needs – whether for your residents, staff or other visitors to your building.

We will identify, supply and install the charging solution you require, providing end to end project management for your charge points.

Why install charge points in residential apartments?

  • To meet the needs of residents who own an electric vehicle.
  • To make a property more attractive to potential buyers and renters.
  • To accommodate the charging requirements of employees or third party maintenance companies who service the apartments.
  • To boost your environmental credentials.

Electric Vehicle Charging for Car Park

Installing charge points at your property

To help you decide which type of charge point (EVCP) is best for your property, consider the following:

  • What speed of charge will residents require? Do they just need to charge up overnight, or will a faster speed of charge be required?
  • Do you wish to offer charging for free or record the cost of the electricity each resident uses, so you can bill them at the end of each week/month?
  • If you bill residents, do you want to just recover the cost of the electricity used?
  • Can you control access to the apartment’s car park? If not, access controls on the EVCPs may be required.
  • Do you have suitable parking bays close to a wall or will the EVCPs need to be free standing?
  • The power supply available compared to the number of EVCPs you wish to install.

We work with you

At Low Carbon Energy, we will work through each of these considerations with you, to ensure the EVCPs installed meet your current and future requirements.

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